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Golf Mapping, Imagery, and Agronomy

Drone usage on golf courses is becoming increasingly more popular.  No, not just to watch you drop bombs from the tee.  Yes, of course we can provide videography of you and your friends playing a round (as long as your club allows it), but we also use them to ensure the health of the courses that you play on and to provide hole-by-hole marketing materials.  Get in touch to find out more about our how we can put our drones to work on your links!

Aerial imagery provides unique opportunities for golf course superintendents and management to capitalize on. Not only can drones help to save 20% on your annual grounds maintenance though material savings, but they can also provide excellent marketing materials and hole-by-hole interactive flyovers that can provide your players with detailed information on each hole. Our professional staff will work with you to make sure that we understand your goals.  

How we can help:

Monitoring the health of your fairways, greens, and  plant life on your course.

Managing a golf course is no small feat.  You've got your hands full with coordinating tournaments, directing operations, developing marketing materials, maintaining the pro-shop, and working with landscapers.  We'd all love it if our courses were always as pristine as Augusta National in April, but with unpredictable weather patterns, challenges with getting materials, or personnel shortages,  it isn't always feasible.  While we can't promise "Amen Corner," we can certainly provide you with a rapidly deployable, precise solution that will provide you with the information to ensure that your greens are in pristine condition with the resources that you've got

We can use our multi-spectral camera to illuminate areas of stress that are unseen with the human eye so you can mitigate the problem before your players are even aware of them.  We can provide you with information that could save you the costs of using 30% less fertilizer and water by pinpointing areas that need extra attention.


Courtesy of MicaSense

Interactive Hole-by-Hole Flyovers

Keeping your Members and Guests informed of doglegs, water hazards, and deep bunkers could be the difference between a 20-handicap and a scratch golfer.  We can provide you with 4k video flyovers from tee to pin with detailed hole information about hole placement, hazards, yardage markers, etc.  Not only will you be able to use these materials in your marketing efforts, but you'll also be able to share them with your golfers so they know if they should lay-up or rip it over the water hazard.


Courtesy of USGA

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