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SkyClimber Drones has everything you need to ensure that your real estate listing stands out from the others. From pre- and post-shoot advice to image editing and touch-ups, our aerial services ensure you’ll receive the picture perfect outcome that you can highlight in your listings. Get in touch to find out more about our how our affordable services can be the right tool to get your residential OR commercial listing sold quickly!

Aerial Photography / Videography for Real Estate & Land

Aerial photography offers a different view to prospective buyers that can take your listings to the next level.  Our professional staff will work with you to make sure that we understand how you'll use the content and to ensure your listing is captured from the best angles.  We can help with residential/commercial real estate agents/brokers, and land brokers to help  your listings get sold quicker!

We use some unique methods to ensure that your listing is highlighted properly.  Including:

Blue Sky Replacement

We use a suite of software that allows us to swap out the grim colors of an overcast day, with millions of different sky combinations that will make sure that your listings are always seen in a great light.  No more waiting for the perfect conditions to fly...we can always swap out the sky for something that fits the scene.  We can even add some silly options that will certainly call more attention to your listings.

Pocosin Ct Ashburn Before SkySwap.jpg

A dark sky can impact the look, feel, and the image you're trying to convey when listing a property. This image is the "before" picture on a particularly cloudy day.

For the lighter side of Real Estate, we can even add a "hidden" element to make sure you get traffic or create a buzz.  

Pocosin Ct Ashburn.jpg

We can take the cloudy picture, and swap out the sky to make sure your property pops in the best way possible.

Sometimes, we stumble across weird clouds.  It just so happened that the words "Buy Me" were floating over this property.

HDR Blended Photos

For your Real Estate and Land missions, we use 20 megapixel bracketed photos to create a high-dynamic range (HDR) blended photo that will help to capture your property like it was meant to be seen.  By taking multiple shots from the same location using different exposures and settings, we are able to see the darkest of dark colors and lightest of light colors. With some processing software, we're able to blend the pictures to capture a magnificent shot.  

HDR Aerial Drone Photography for Real Estate and Construction


HDR Aerial Drone Photography for Real Estate and Construction


HDR Aerial Drone Photography for Real Estate and Construction

By blending the different exposures of the pictures above, we can get a photo that captures the wide range of colors that the human eye can actually see.

Blended Aerial HDR Drone Photography for Golf, Real Estate, and Construction
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